Mr D Hennessy, 2015, Vice-Chairman until 1 May 2016, Chairman from 1 May 2016  

(Parent Trustee)

Miss E Amis-Hughes, 2015,  Parent Trustee  

Mrs L Harper,2017, Staff Trustee

Ms K Dawson,2014,  Headteacher  

Mrs C Johnson,2014, Vice – chairman from 1 May 2016 Community Trustee

Mr D Royston,2015,  Parent Trustee

Father J Bish, 2017, Community Governor

Mrs V. Saville, 2017, Non-teaching Staff Governor


Joe Yates (Community Trustee)

Richard Overton (Community Trustee)



Pat Houghton

David Hennessey

Father Butterworth


All governors are appointed for a term of 4 years.

Attendance record for FGB meetings 2015/16

Trustee Meetings attended Out of a possible
J W Butterworth (Chair) 4 4
Mr D Hennessy 5 6
Miss E Amis-Hughes 6 6
Mrs S Cooke 6 6
Ms K Dawson 5 6
Mr A Greenwood 4 6
Mrs C Johnson 6 6
Mr D Royston 6 6
Mr D A Smith 6 6
Mrs L Wood 5 6
D Wooffindin 4 6





  1. Declarations of interest have been completed by all trustees and members of the SLT (declared at every meeting)
  2. There are currently no trustees that have close family relationships between members or trustees or trust employees.
  3. No trustees have relevant business and pecuniary interests and no transactions have taken place between trustees.

A Governors term of office lasts for four years. Parent Governors are elected by Parents. Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff governors are elected by the relevant staff. Community Governors are nominated through interested parties and elected by the Governing Body. The Governors Choice is elected by the Governors.

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