Sports Premium Grant Expenditure

Sports Premium Grant expenditure:

Report to parents and governors: 2019/20



Overview of the school



Number of pupils and Sports Premium Grant (SPG) received



Total number of pupils on roll





Total amount of SPG received





Overview of spending opportunities


●       This is an exciting time for the academy as we move in a different direction with many new and developing sporting opportunities to come as a result of the creation of the Outwood Together Alliance now led by ACES.


●       The aim of the sports funding at Rook’s Nest is to build upon the many strengths of the staff by offering additional coaching and team teaching with experts.


●       Sport is a very important aspect of life at Rook’s Nest Academy and we try our best to excel. Throughout the course of the year many subsidised places will be offered at different clubs.


●       We are also diversifying opportunities on offer for our students, to encourage trialling of new sports with the hope of developing a lifelong passion.


●       We will be providing staff with CPD where a need arises (orienteering and Lacrosse).


●       We will purchase additional resources to enable high quality PE sessions to be delivered across all sports areas.


●       Children will have access to mental health education in order to become ‘happy and well-rounded individuals’, through extra Yoga (for targeted children) and PSCE this year


●       Children and staff will have access to outdoor active learning mentoring with an external company in order to provide a more hands on approach to learning.





Curriculum focus of SPG spending 2018/19


Sports Premium funding will be spent on the following:


●       Buying into and helping to develop the Outwood Together Alliance sports  partnership


●       Employing specialist football coaches from ‘Frickley Athletic’ to work with across year groups and provide an after school club


●       ACES PE mentoring scheme bought into to improving teaching skills and confidence


●       ACES PE to provide PE interventions for children targeted by teachers to boost their PE skills and knowledge of self-health

●       To provide taster sessions for children into new and exciting sports

●       Purchasing new equipment to enable high quality delivery of PE sessions across the curriculum

●       To provide staff with CPD and development opportunities working alongside specialist coaches

●       To develop Tchouckball and Lacrosse purchased last year with support from ACES

●       Swimming booster sessions to enable all year 6 children are capable of swimming 25 metres (if needed)

●       To ensure every child has the opportunity to carry out at least 30 minutes of physical structured activity daily

●       To ensure child obesity/overweight percentage in Reception and Year 6 is similar or better than that in other schools across England/Wakefield – 32.8% (2017/18 data) when compared to other schools across England (34%) and Wakefield (35%).

●       To pay for a yoga teacher to provide targeted children with access to mental health education in order to become ‘happy and well-rounded individuals’, through Yoga and PSCE this year

●       To provide staff with outdoor learning mentoring and children with a more active approach to learning Topic – E.g. Industrial Revolution Year Six.










Measuring the impact of SPG spending

The school will evaluate the impact of the Sports Premium in the following ways:


●       The number of sports club places on offer to students


●       The diversity of clubs on offer


●       The confidence level of teaching staff delivering sport


●       Anecdotal evidence


●       Sporting successes of pupils, both within and outside school


●       Sporting qualifications gained by the pupils/staff


●       Children joining sports clubs outside school


●       Pupil voice including house captains and school council




Clubs Available


Number of Clubs on offer Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
  Football (Frickley)    
Number of club places offered Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

We are already noting that since the introduction of SPG, a positive impact has been made with the number of children attending after school clubs. Last year Rook’s Nest Academy did much better than in previous years in the Outwood cluster competitions – particularly in Hockey and Cross-country. Our Year Two’s also won the West Yorkshire daily mile competition, whilst our Year Four’s came third. These improvements are all down, in part, to the greater amount of children attending clubs and the variety of clubs on offer.



Competitions & Matches



Autumn Term


Spring Term



Summer Term


Rooks Nest Academy has a proud record of taking part in all sporting competition within the alliance, both competitively and fairly. The school is always praised for our behaviour. We have this academic year, as a result of expert coaching, seen an improvement in the results of our teams. 










Record and Impact of Spending (Sept 2018-July 2019) 


Buying into Outwood Together Alliance sport partnership £1250


To develop and maintain sporting competition between member school and academies. To allow access to CPD initiatives. To pay towards a central coordinator 


Children able to access competitive inter school sports. Improved performance in various competitions over time.

CPD initiatives are increasing teacher’s confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching PE and sport.

ACES Mentoring/ACES Interventions



£7500 To upskill existing teaching staff


Aid staff in the teaching of new sports on the RNA curriculum (lacrosse, Tchoukball and curling). This will broaden the PE curriculum and give children the chance to learn a new sport – whilst up-levelling teachers PE skills.

All staff will have a turn at this over the course.



After Spring 1 selected children highlighted on each year groups APP grid will be partaking in interventions to help further their skills with ACES mentor.

KS1/FS group and a KS2 group


ACES staff will also work with selected children on health education and good well-being – nutritious diet

Increased teacher subject knowledge in mentoring of teaching sports they lacked confidence in teaching beforehand.

Provided children with high quality access to learning.

Access to high quality lesson plans for a variety of sports subjects.


Last year’s summer interventions had a massive impact on a number of children involved with improvements clearly noticeable in both physical skills and understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to seeing the benefits of a year of interventions for targeted children.


Proportion of Year 6 children who were overweight or obese is slightly better (32.8% – 2017/18 data) when compared to other schools across England (34%) and Wakefield (35%)



Lyndzy Taylor

£3000 (est.)


Teaching 2 and a half hours per week



To provide children with the opportunity to a good standard of mental health education and become ‘happy and well-rounded individuals’ through access to a Yoga and PSCE cross-curriculum


To provide children with calming/relaxing

stress relief techniques.


To encourage cooperation and teamwork between peers in PSCE which will be beneficial during PE lessons.


This year (19/20) will be with KS1 children who did not do the Yoga last year for the first session, whilst the second session will be for targeted y3-6 children who are in need of more yoga after last year’s class sessions.


Parents to become involved in Yoga?

So far we have seen an improvement in a number of children’s attitudes to themselves and others.


Children have developed techniques to calm themselves down and deal with issues.


Emoji assessment (baseline and half termly) supports this improvement on the whole.


Feedback from children positive in term of the Yoga

Purchase of PE / Activity







To provide children with best resources possible to achieve in sports. Children all able to participate to their best possible through use of safe new equipment. 


Proportion of Year 6 children who were overweight or obese is slightly better (32.8% – 2017/18 data) when compared to other schools across England (34%) and Wakefield (35%)



Swimming booster classes for year 6 N/A To ensure all children can swim 25m by the end of year 6, ready for secondary school


Outdoor learning £6600 External agency will support teachers in providing an outdoor learning experience for the children in their Topic lessons.


Children will have opportunity to partake in active outdoor lessons using different equipment provided by external agency.


Primary PE specialism course (Level 5 & 6) £550

(1170 per year, last year and this year)

To enable myself (SM) to lead the delivery of high quality primary school PE.  
Taxis for transport to tournaments  


Provide children with transport to games when staff are unable to provide transport  
TOTAL   £18,900




Total Sports Premium Grant £18,960
SPG Rolled Over From Last Year £ 0
Total SPG Budget 2018/19 £ 18,960
Total Sports Premium Expenditure (predicted) £ 18,900
Balance £ 60




Planned Forthcoming Expenditure








Feedback Received


Feedback Received From


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