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Welcome to the Class 3M webpage!
This year we will be working on lots of new and exciting topics, alongside our friends in the Year 2 and Year 2/3 classes.
In the Autumn term we will learn about what schools were like in the past, and then do an in-depth study on the country of China, its people, places and wildlife.
In the Spring term, we will focus on RE, finding out about sacred books and places, and why it matters to care for our world. Then we will do a design technology project based on books we are reading in our literacy lessons.
In Summer, we will study an ancient civilisation, then focus on volcanoes and earthquakes around the world, the reasons they happen, and their impact.
We are finding out about different parts of speech (word classes), such as verbs, adjectives and conjunctions, and learning how to use these effectively to become the best writers that we can be.
Throughout the year we will focus on improving our reading skills – this is really important both at home and at school. Being familiar with words and books supports all the work we do in literacy.
Finally, our community project is Guide Dogs for the Blind. We will find out about how we can support this charity, and learn about the ways the charity helps visually impaired people in our community.
Mrs Milfull


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