Year 1 – Miss Fletcher

We are Miss Fletcher’s class. We call ourselves class 1F. There are 30 children in our class and we start school at 8:45am and finish at 3:15pm. We do lots of fun things throughout the day that the teachers plan carefully to match everybody’s needs. We learn a lot throughout the day in Maths, English and other curricular subjects.

We do lots of reading, we have guided reading everyday where we get to read a range of different fiction and non-fiction books and discuss them with the teacher. We also do different activities related to the books to help us develop our comprehension and phonics skills. In addition to this we also have home school reading books which are changed weekly so we can always read a new book to out grownups who can then write a comment in out reading record to so the adults in school can see how hard we are working at home to develop our reading skills.

On Wednesday we have P.E. so we must remember to bring in our kits at the start of the week. We also get to practise our physical activities outside in our outside area which is open continuously to us. We also have phonics lessons every day. We also have ICT on a Monday.

We have a team points and stickers as well as a traffic light system in our classroom. Everyone always starts the day on green, which means all the teachers are happy with us. We then get stickers or team points for doing the right thing and for trying hard and producing fabulous work for the teacher. However, if we make the wrong choice and the teacher isn’t very happy with us we move down to yellow and, and then red if we continue to make the wrong choices. If we make the correct choices we can then move back up the chart to yellow and green. If we make good choices, we move up to gold, which means the teachers are super happy and we get a sticker on our chart at the end of the day. At the end of the week the number of star stickers each child has is counted and the child with the most gets a dip in Miss Fletcher’s treasure chest which is full of lots of goodies.

We enjoy coming to school and it is always great fun. The teachers are always there if our grown-ups have any questions or concerns and they are happy to have a chat and help as much as possible to ensure that we always have a fantastic time at school. The teachers know that it is important learning is always made fun and it is important we always have a great time whilst learning.

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