Year 1 – Mrs Smith

In year 1 and year 2 our long term project is to make a model of a form of transport for a fairy tale character of their choice (e.g a skateboard for red riding hood or a car for snow white etc) 

The adults in our class are Mrs Smith and Mrs Lenton.   

Our aim in class 1S is to try our best at all times and learn through fun and purposeful activity.   

Many of our topics throughout the year will be enhanced through visits and visitors. 

Term  Topic  Visit/Visitor 
Autumn 1  Great Fire of London (History)  Fire Service 
Autumn 2   Africa (Geography)  WaterAid Visitor, African Drummers, Zoolab 
Spring 1  Faith, belief and Special Times (Religious Education)  Visitors from different religions. 
Spring 2  Traditional Tales (Design Technology)   
Summer 1  Transport (History)  To be arranged 
Summer 2  Seaside (Georaphy)  Trip to Filey 


P.E sessions will be on a Wednesday morning in the Autumn Term. 

Our community link this year is, “Keep Britain Tidy” in which we will learn about and help to take care of the school and local environment. 

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