Year 3 – Mr. Morrell

Welcome to 3M the best class in school! Our teacher is Mr Morrell and our class teaching assistants are Mrs Stephenson (Tuesday to Friday) and Miss Jones (Mondays), we are also taught by Mrs Dale on Friday afternoons and Miss Smith on Wednesday mornings.

We will be doing PE on Monday afternoons and we will also be learning to play the Trumpet after February half term! This year we will be learning about the Tudors, the magic of Science, Explorers, the World around us and Vikings. Our homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned on or before the next Friday morning.

We are always motivated to learn and put 100% effort into all tasks we are are given. If we try extra hard someone in our class receives the class trophy or Tiger as a reward each week! (please return the the trophy or Tiger by the next Friday morning latest!) This is a huge honour for each member of our class and we need to ensure we remember to fill in the Tigers diary so we can show our class mates what we did with Tiger!


Parent Planning

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