Year 6 – Mr. Milfull

Our Class

All of our class members are very friendly and will help you out when you are at a loss and when you are stuck.

In our class we have class buddies helping you if you are new, they are Laila and Dominic. We also have defenders who report the bad things that happen on the playground.  Next up are the team captains who count up the accumulated house points at the end of the week, in our class they are Tyler, Callum and Molly. After that there are the school council members Joshua and Matthew who make decisions for the school.

Robin Wood and the Industrial Revolution (our topic).

Our topic is the Industrial Revolution including geniuses like Benjamin Gott, Isambard Kindom Brunel and Siur Titus Salt.

We are soon going on a residential trip called Robin Wood, Hopefully we are all looking forward to it.  There, we do all sorts of fun and awesome activities like canoeing, cut the banana and a piranha pool (don’t worry I don’t think they are real ones).



Parent Planning

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