2021/22 Information


Start times next year and protocols:

We intend to build on the success from this year of having children bring themselves onto the school grounds. All three gates will be opened, and manned by staff, from 8.30 until 8.45. All Reception, KS1 (Years 1 & 2) and KS2 (Years 3-6) will start school, promptly, at 8.45. They will be supervised by RNA staff on the playground until their teacher collects them at 8.45. Any child arriving after this time will need to be brought up to the main reception and will be classed as late.

Only parents of Nursery children will be allowed onto the school premises at the start and end of sessions and should ensure that they are here at the appropriate times. Morning sessions will be 8.30-11.30 and afternoon sessions will be 12.30-3.30.

At the end of the school day parents will be allowed onto the premises to collect their children. KS1 children will finish at 3.15 and should be collected from the following places:

Year group and class teacher Collection point at 3.15
Reception Ms Crossland & Mrs Hancock Covered area of playground, outside Reception class windows.
Y1 Mrs Smith Playground outside SLT room.
Y1/2 Mrs Milfull Grass in front of main reception
Y2 Mr Robertshaw Small tarmac area in front of Y2 classrooms.


KS2 children will need to be collected from the main playground at 3.20. If your child is in Year 4 or above we do not insist that they be collected, this is parental choice. If you intend to collect your child it is parents responsibility to ensure that their child is aware of this and should therefore not leave Academy grounds. We inform all children that if the adult they expect to collect them does not arrive then they should come back inside the Academy through the manned Flyers entrance. Any child from year 4 above, who is walking home, may bring their mobile phone into school but these must be handed over when in class and no use should be made of them while on school premises. If a child breaks this agreement their phone will be confiscated for parents to collect as it is a breach of RNA safeguarding policy.

Food, Water, Hygiene and Policies.

The dinner menu will be the same as we have run in Summer 2. It is available to be viewed on the website and will start at week one on the week commencing the 6th September. Children in KS1 and KS2 will be provided with water bottles sometime within the first week. These should be taken home each evening, washed and refilled for the following day. Milk can be ordered through the Academy and a fruit or salad snack can be sent in. The Academy is a Healthy School so we do not allow any fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate to be sent in for consumption throughout the day. We are also a nut free school due to the number of children who are allergic. Children in Nursery and Reception will have access to a water fountain. They will also be provided with milk and fruit so no snacks are required.

We will continue to insist on high standards of hygiene through regular handwashing and sensitisation of touch points. Please ensure that children wash their hands before attending the Academy. If a child is ill, they should not be sent into the Academy. Parents must contact us on the same day of a child’s absence. If a child is suffering from diarrhoea or sickness they will not be allowed to attend for a full 48 hours from the last incident of illness.


A reminder that no child is allowed to wear earrings at Rook’s Nest Academy, this includes retainers. If you have your child’s ears pierced in any holiday period they must be removed for the start of term. The wearing of plasters as coverings will not be accepted either.



INSET dates have been set for next year (and can be found on the Academy calendar on the website). Children do not attend the Academy on INSET days unless they are booked into Flyers, which will be open. We also have some diary dates for next term which have been added to the website.

Date Event Year group affected
6th Sep 2021 INSET All
13th/14th Sep 2021 School Photographs All
15th/16th/17th Sep 2021 Boggle Hole Y5
23rd / 24th Sep 2021 Eden Camp Y5/6
1st Oct 2021 Autumn Fayre All
11th / 12th/ 13th Oct 2021 Robinwood Y6
12th /13th /14th Oct 2021 Oakwell Hall Y3/4
19th Oct 2021 KS1 Harvest Y1 & Y2
20th Oct 2021 EYFS Harvest N & Rec
21st Oct 2021 KS2 Harvest Service Y3 – Y6
21st Oct 2021 Halloween Disco Y1 – Y6
22nd Oct 2021 EYFS Halloween Party N & Rec
12th Nov 2021 Children in Need All
26th Nov 2021 Non-Uniform Day/Bottle & Box All
3rd Dec 2021 Christmas Fayre All
8th Dec 2021 Am KS1 Christmas Concert

Pm EYFS Christmas Concert

Y1 & 2

N & Rec

9th Dec 2021 Am EYFS Christmas Concert

Pm KS1 Christmas Concert

N & Rec

Y1 & 2

10th Dec 2021 KS2 Carol Service Y3 – 6
13th Dec 2021 KS1 Party Y1 & 2
14th Dec 2021 EYFS Party N & Rec
15th Dec 2021 Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day All
16th Dec 2021 Lower KS2 Party Y3 & Y4
17th Dec 2021 Upper KS2 Party Y5 & Y6
27th May 2022 Extra holiday day All
6th/7th June 2022 INSET All
25th/26th July 2022 INSET All


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