Governor Information

Mrs J Longfellow (Chair)
I am the Chair of Rooks Nest Academy’s Governing Board having been voted into the role in January 2023. I initially joined the Board in March 2022 as a Parent Governor and my role was to bring to the team a different skill set due to my profession as a Solicitor.
The reason why I joined the Governing Board was initially because I have two children who attend the academy but I was also keen to support the school in key decision making which meant ensuring that the children’s best interests are at the heart of any decisions made. Looking behind the scenes and being an active presence in the Academy has shown me the passion the staff have for teaching, the respect they have for the children and the drive they possess to ensure that every single child succeeds. It is for these reasons that I volunteered to be the Chair of the Governing Board because I believe in the Academy and the ethos that runs through its core – Respect, Believe, Achieve. With this ethos at the heart of the school I witness children having respect for each other, they believe in themselves and their peers and with the teachers championing them all the way they know they will have success in what they set out to achieve.
My role on the Governing Board is naturally going to be a challenging one but as with all aspects of my work, career and life, I will strive to give it my all and success is the only option I have. The Governing Board along with the amazing staff within the Academy will continue to ensure that the children’s needs and best interests are met and that they have fun and laughter as a given in their school day.

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