Governing Body of Rook’s Nest Academy 2021/22


Primary Committees

(Meet at least termly)

Standards and Pupils Personnel and Resources   Headteacher

Performance Management Working Group

(Quorum – 3)

Jonathan Bish (C)

Joanne Smith(S)

Roy Long (C)

Paul Brennan(P)




Meeting Dates:



(Quorum – 3)


Joe Yates (P)

Richard Overton (C)

Chris Rowell (P)

Veronica Saville (S)

Katy Firth (P)



Gillian Whitehouse (Ass)


Meeting Dates:


Joe Yates

Jonathan Bish

Paul Brennan



Secondary Committees

(Meet only when required)

Secondary Committee

(Responsibility for Complaints,

Personnel Appeals & Pupil Discipline)

    Appointment Selection Panels
(Quorum – 3; or for appeals, equal in size to the committee which made the decision being appealed against)



Richard Overton

Katy Firth

Roy Long

Leadership Group


Richard Overton

Jonathan Bish


Outside the Leadership Group

Delegated to the Headteacher.

Link Governors

(Every  term)

Training Link Governor Safeguarding  Sports Premium SEN/Behaviour Health &Safety  
Gillian Whitehouse Veronica Saville  Joe Yates Paul Brennan Craig Milfull
Foundation subjects & Staff support Core subjects EYFS & Extended childcare LCC/ Enrichments Leadership  

Inclusion PP/EAL/attendance


OTA/Strategic policy overview


Katy Firth Jonathan Bish Chris Rowell Roy Long Joanne Smith Richard Overton



Rook’s Nest Academy Board of Governors Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests 2021/22




Name of Governor



Category *





Date Appointed  


Term of Office

(end date

if applicable)


From    To



Roles & Responsibilities


Any other educational establish-ments governed



Business & Pecuniary Interests


Relationships with school staff, including spouse, partners or relatives


Number of meetings attended in previous

academic year

Cmte FGB
Joanne Smith Staff Governor


Staff 28/9/2021 S&P


Inclusion X X X
Jonathan Bish Co-opted Governors 6/12/2017 S&P




Core subjects

Outwood Ac Ledger Lane x x
Roy Long Co-opted Governors 19/9/2018 S&P


LCC/Enrichment x x x
Richard Overton Co-opted Governors 19/1/2021 P&R




OTA/Strategic overview of Policies x x Wife works as TA at RNA
Katy Firth Parent Parents 19/9/2019 P&R


Health and Safety x x x
Joe Yates Parent Parents 31/1/2018 P&R


Vice Chair

Sports premium

x X X
Chris Rowell Parent Parents 19/09/2018 P&R EYFS & Extended childcare x Works within Wakefield Councils financial services x
Kim Dawson Head


x x x
Veronica Savile Staff Gov Staff 24/05/2017 P&R Safeguarding x x x
Paul Brennan Parent Parent 27/11/19 S&P SEN & Behaviour x x x








2021-22 School Improvement Priorities (from School Development Plan)
1 Key development priority READING


To develop a culture where books and reading are second nature to children.

Ensure opportunities are embedded throughout the curriculum and the joy of reading is celebrated.

Ensure pupils/parents understand how reading underpins life-long learning.



2 Key development priority MATHS


To develop fluency of basic skills in mathematics throughout the Academy.

Ensure children have a solid foundation/ tool kit of mathematical skills and knowledge to build on.

To create a community of resilient, confident mathematicians.

Ensure a sound progression through the Key Stages which is reflected in data.



3 Key development priority EARLY YEARS


To embed the Early Years Curriculum using the new Development Matters materials.

Use the provision and NELI intervention to increase/improve speech, language and vocabulary skills, especially in less confident and EAL children.

Provide a language rich environment.

Crete/embed a curriculum which is led by children’s prior knowledge and interests.

Embed secure assessment/observations/knowledge of all children in Early Years.


4 Key development priority LCC IMPLEMENTATION


Focus on the implementation of the Rook’s Nest Curriculum which ensures children are taught in a tailored, meaningful way that builds on their skills and knowledge of different subjects.

Re-establish the Academy’s motivational timetable of curriculum areas, supported by enrichment activities, parental involvement, out-of-class learning and first-hand experiences.

Subject coordinators to be ambassadors for their areas.



Constitution of the Governing Board


Category Number
Headteacher / Principal 1
Staff Governor 2
Parent Governors 4
LA Governor (maintained only) 0
Co-opted Governors 2
Foundation Governors (delete as appropriate)
Total 9(2 vacancies)
Name of Governor Skills and Experience Responsibilities
Jonathan Bish – Chair ·    Core subjects ·   S&P, Leadership & HTPM
Joe Yates – Vice ·    Sports Premium ·         P&R & HTPM
Joanne Smith-s ·         Inclusion ·         S&P
Louise Harper – s ·    Retired 28/9/21
Roy Long – c ·    LCC/enrichments ·   S&P, 2ndry
Katy Firth – p ·    Health and Safety ·   P&R, 2ndry
Chris Rowell – p ·    EYFS & Extended childcare ·   P&R
Veronica Saville – s ·    Safeguarding ·   P&R
Richard Overton – c ·    Strategic Policy Advisor ·         P&R, 2ndry &Leadership
Paul Brennan – p ·    SEN & Behaviour ·   S&P