Covid Bubble Isolation

Dear parent/carers,


As you will be aware we needed to close 3 classes yesterday due to a confirmed case of Covid-19 in one of the Reception classes. Due to the age of the children, and the way in which an Early Years Setting functions, it was necessary to ask for all children from those groups to isolate as these children are all classed as “contacts” in this case.

A “contact” is a person who has been close to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 whether this was a LFD or PCR test. You can be a contact anytime from 2 days before the person who tested positive developed their syptoms, and up to 10 days after, as this is when they can pass the infection on to others.

Early years settings

All children who had shared a group/room with the confirmed case during their infections period would be considered contacts on the basis that social distancing is assumed not possible.

This information is taken from the Department for Education “What to do if a child or adult is displaying symptoms, or is a confirmed case, of coronavirus in an early years setting” issued February 2021.

We have therefore identified those children deemed, under this guidance, to be close contacts and request that they isolate for 10 days. The children will be able to return on Monday 28th June, however their period of isolation ends on Sunday 27th. The Academy remains open to all other children at this point.

Remote learning will be set for children who have been asked to isolate. Where the materials used would have been printed out in school, we do not expect parents to do this but rather use the information the materials provide. Teachers will be contacting parents regarding work and any issues can be either directed to the staff or by contacting the Academy office.

As an Academy we have been very fortunate in how well we seemed to have avoided bubble closures as compared to other schools so we hope that this incident is just a blip in our track record.


Ms Dawson.

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