End of Year Message

End of Year Message

All children, except for Nursery who have already been contacted, will return to the Academy on Tuesday 6th September.

Gates will be open from 8.30.  Please do not send your children up into school until directed by the member of staff on the gate.  Reception children should enter through the middle gate to be met by staff.  Nursery and Preschool children should be brought up by parents through the academy main reception gate.  All other children should enter through the first gate they come to.

Preschool and Nursery children start at 8.30.  All other children should arrive between 8.30 and 8.45 as lessons start promptly at 8.45 and gates will be locked for security reasons.

Children arriving after this time must come to the main reception and their attendance recorded as late.

Persistent instances of late will result in the involvement of the Educational Welfare Officer.


Children must comply with the Academy uniform policy – please see the website.  A polite reminder that hair longer than shoulder length must be fastened back, we do not want hairstyles that detract from learning i.e. Lines cut into hair or colouring.

We do not allow earrings under any circumstances and this includes retainers to keep the hole open.  If you decide to have your child’s ears pierced over the holiday you must also be prepared to remove them for the period your child is in school.  This is non-negotiable.  The only jewellery allowed is a watch but this must not have any recording devices on it.

Makeup, nail varnish, tattoos and hair extensions will be required to be removed while children are in school.


PE Uniform information is available on the website.  Your child, unless otherwise directed, should bring their kit on their PE day.

PE is a valuable part of our educational offer and your child must be ready with appropriate kit to ensure participation.


We cook fresh meals on site and would strongly advise that children in Reception to Year 2 take up the Government’s Free School Meal offer.  Sandwiches from home are unable to be refrigerated and therefore Nursery and Preschool children having lunch care must also have a school made option.  Meals are £2.20 a day and menus are available to view on the website.

Meals must be paid for promptly as we are unable to carry debt and if this occurs you will be requested to provide sandwiches until payments are settled.

If you wish your child to have milk at school letters will be sent out for you to order.

Fruit is provided for KS1 children and fruit or veg snacks can be sent in for break times for KS2 children.

We are a nut-free school, as many of our children can suffer severe allergic reactions to nuts.

If you send your child with a packed lunch then parents are required to take responsibility to check labels to ensure nothing containing nuts are sent into the Academy.  If items with nuts are found they will be removed and children not allowed to eat them.


Every child is expected to complete the Academy requirements on homework.  This includes daily reading, daily times tables, weekly phonics practice and a half-termly “show me what you know” activity.


Communication with parents is undertaken on a weekly basis through a “Friday Message” which is on youtube, electronic newsletter on the website and a paper copy collectable from the Academy office.  It is a parent’s responsibility to regularly check out this information as key dates, events etc. will be communicated in this way.


Gates will be open at the end of the day, from around 3pm, for parents to come onto the playground to collect their child.  Parents should come to their child’s door for those in Nursery – Year 3.  Children in Year 4 – Year 6 are able to leave the site at home time on their own.  For this reason, these year groups are the only ones allowed to bring mobile phones into school.  The phones will be collected at the start of the day and given out as the child leaves.  The Academy accepts no responsibility for mobile phones and these should only be brought in for those children whose parents are allowing them to walk home.

If children do not hand in phones or are found to be using them on site they will be confiscated and only released to a responsible adult.


Nursery finishes at 11.30 for morning sessions and 3.30 for afternoon sessions. Reception – Key Stage 1 children finish at 3.15.  KS2 children finish at 3.20.

Parents and children must leave the school grounds promptly to enable us to use the playground for after school commitments.

We request that children are kept off school play equipment at home times. If parents cannot control their children at these times the school will accept no responsibility for accidents as the children are not being appropriately monitored.


Children attending flyers should come in through the flyers gate access once the gate has been released by staff.  Starting times for Flyers is from 7.45 – 8.20.  Pick up times are dependant on the option chosen but parents will need to gain access through the intercom age and come to the flyers door – situated near the head teacher’s office


At RNA we try to be a supportive part of the community.  We ask parents to be respectful to residents by not parking in front of driveways, in private car park areas or by sitting with engines idling.  Parents should park away from the school and certainly not in the marked off restrictive areas.  Parents can park in Cheers public house car park and walk children to school.

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