Important Notice on Social Distancing and Academy Policy

The Academy has been partially  re-opened now for 3 days and it would seem that all the pre-planning has worked. Thank you for your efforts.
However, I didn’t feel I needed to make the following information available as it would seem common sense, but unfortunately an incident after school yesterday has prompted the need for me to be more explicit:
“Should you or your child not conform with the current Government guidelines relating to Covid -19 (ie social distancing, meeting outside of homes etc) then your child’s place at the Academy will be at risk. The parents, children and staff have returned confident in the plans the Academy have put in place and that all parents will ensure that they and their children act responsibly in following not just the Academy but also Government guidelines to keep all of us safe. If the Academy become aware that a family or child have breached any of the agreements and guidelines set out, then the child will not be able to attend for a period of no less that 14 days to ensure others are isolated as a result of their actions. This applies to all bubbles including children in the key worker bubbles.”
I know some of you will be shocked that such an obvious message needs to be reiterated but it is best going forward that we are all clear.
Ms Dawson

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