At Rooks Nest Academy we believe that learning geography enriches a child’s knowledge of the world.

Geography is taught as a topic based (LCC) approach twice a year in Autumn 2 and Summer 2. There is a structure for each year group to follow, however teachers can interpret this through their personal choices and ideas, with the philosophy that teachers are the experts in this subject. It is linked to other areas of the curriculum which gives children the opportunities to develop specific geographical skills and reinforces skills already established.

The progression of geographical skills can be seen throughout the school and is monitored twice a year. Geography work is showcased throughout the academy through displays, children’s work and trips (where possible due to Covid 19 restrictions). It is felt that residential trips, educational visits and practical experiences are the key reasons why engagement and participation of the children is so high and consequently Geography continues to be strong throughout school.

Geography coverage long term plan 2021.2023



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