One Candle


One candle, one light, burning clear throughout the night

One candle, one symbol of peace

One candle, plus one, now a glimmer has begun.

Two candles, two symbols of peace.

Dona nobis, nobis pacem, in the glow of candlelight I see.

Dona nobis, nobis pacem, peace for you and me.

Three candles, then four, shining stronger than before.

Five candles, six candles burn bright.

More candles join in, see a spark of hope begin

Each candle increasing the light

Dona nobis…

Your candlelight with mine, will radiate and shine

Growing stronger for all the world to see, you and me

Dona nobis…

Peace for you and me



Song of Peace

Part 1                                                                            Part 2

If I could have one wish come true,                          Dona nobis pacem, pacem

It would be peace for me and you                            Dona nobis pacem

Peace in our hearts and peace of mind                    Dona nobis pacem

Peace now and ever for all mankind               `        Dona nobis pacem

So may our voices never cease                                  Dona nobis pacem

So may we sing our songs of peace.                          Dona nobis pacem


Now Light One Thousand Christmas Lights


  1. Now light one thousand Christmas lights

On dark Earth here tonight

One thousand, thousand also shine

To make the dark sky bright


  1. Oh, once when skies were starry bright

In stable cold and bare

Sweet Mary bore a son that night

A child both kind and fair


  1. She named her little son Jesus

Sweet Mary, meek and mild

She cradled and she rocked him too

That little tiny child


  1. He came to bring us love and light

To bring us peace on Earth

So let your candles shine tonight

And sing with joy and mirth


  1. (Repeat verse 1)

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