Planning for Science is a process in which all teachers are involved to ensure that the school gives full coverage of the National Curriculum. We have carefully adapted and extended our curriculum to match the unique circumstances of Rook’s Nest Academy. The school teaches Science weekly throughout the year often through the Learning Challenge Curriculum (such as forces and electricity linked with The Industrial Revolution). The academy has worked to ensure that, alongside full coverage, core scientific skills are built on through the Key Stages. Children move through the year groups, acquiring a bank of scientific vocabulary and understanding. This will complement the whole school focus on practical investigations. Children developing their own hypotheses and investigating their own experiments is a priority as we work towards our children becoming resilient learners Content is taught carefully and thoroughly and is introduced in the phase areas set out in the National Curriculum: Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. Scientific enquiry, known as ‘Working Scientifically’ in the 2014 curriculum, is taught through and embedded within the content of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Reception children are taught Science as set out in the renewed EYFS framewor

Science -mission statement

Science progression skills

RNA science policy


Progression in learning maps

electricity progression of skills map

EYFS Science progression of knowledge

Forces & Magnets Progression of learning map

Investigation Progression of skills science

Light and Sound Progression of Skills

Living things and their Environment progression of skills

Materials states of matter progression

Plants.Evolution.Weather Progression of learning

Rocks & Soils Earth in Space progression of skills map

Science coverage at a glance

Animals including humans Progression of learning

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