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Mrs Dale Story Time (EYFS – Y2)


Welcome to Nursery. Our team consists of Mrs Lampett, Miss Lenton, Mrs Stubbs, and Miss Smith. Together, we believe that every child can and will succeed in our setting. Between us, the staff have many years of experience working with young children and aim to make every child’s time at Rooks Nest Academy, a positive and rewarding experience. We are a very creative team and enjoy working alongside the children, following their interests to develop their learning and understanding. We believe in learning through play, with children being challenged and enthused by interesting activities.



Welcome to Reception. Our class teacher is Miss Crossland and our class teaching assistant is Mrs Hill. When the teacher is not in class on a Thursday morning then Ms Smith comes and helps Mrs Hill. We all know her really well now and most of us have seen or worked with her when we were in Nursery.

We have quite a busy week and there is always something exciting happening everyday;

On Monday we bring our books back into school ready to change them for a new one that we take home on Thursday.

On Thursday we also have P.E. and we wear shorts and a T-shirts at the moment as PE is indoors in the hall.

On Friday we do music in the morning then in the afternoon we have a class assembly where we can celebrate our achievements throughout the week. It is always exciting to see who has been working hard and we enjoy celebrating our accomplishments together.

We have lots of fun each day; there is always a variety of activities for us to choose from and the teaching staff always using a range of different approaches to tailor their teaching to our needs. We take part in whole class lessons, work alongside the teacher in small groups and have lots of time during free play to complete self initiated tasks based on our own interests and ideas.

Miss Crossland and Mrs Hill always make sure we have a go at everything, supporting us if we struggle. Miss Crossland carefully plans our work in line with the 7 areas of learning identified in the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. She also tailors any work and activities so that they meet everyone’s needs.

Each week Miss Crossland also makes sure we are given a new reading book and some letters, sounds and words to practice to help develop our reading skills and support our learning at home.

It’s great being in Reception!

In Reception we have been busy looking at changes of state linking it with our story of the week The Little Red Hen. We carefully made the bread mix and moulded it to create our own bread rolls. At first it was really sticky and hard to roll but after some kneading it got much smoother and squishier and less sticky.  Then we backed it and it was all nice and hard on the outside and soft on the middle. We really enjoyed eating it and using our senses to describe what it smelt, tasted and looked like. 
We have also been busy looking at floating and sinking, exploring what happened when we put different materials into the water tray. 
We have loved science week. 



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