Year 5/6 Home Learning

W/C 7/2/22

Home learning overview wb 7 Feb


Monday Maths

Tuesday Maths

Wednesday Maths

Thursday Maths

Friday Maths

Christian celebrity research sheet

MarsAchieved Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack

MarsAchieved Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Powerpoint


W/C 31/1/22

Home learning overview wb 31 Janrev

Year-5-Autumn-Maths day 1 -PPT-Read-and-Interpret-Tables

Year-5-Maths day 2 PPT-Two-Way-Tables

Year-5-Maths Day 2 -Two-Way-Tables

Year-5-Maths Day 3 -VF-Timetables

Year-5-Maths Day 3-PPT-Timetables

Year-5-Maths Day 4 -PPT-Read-and-Interpret-Line-Graphs

Year-5-Maths Day 4 -VF-Read-and-Interpret-Line-Graphs

Year-5-Maths Day 5 PPT-Problems-with-Line-Graphs

Year-5-Maths Day 5 -VF-Problems-with-Line-Graphs

#Lesson Presentation Refraction


Features of biography

Mother Teresa Literacy source 3

Mother Teresa research literacy days 1 and 2

Note-taking Literacy day 1


Roald Dahl Fact File.pdf

Year-5- Maths Day 1 -VF-Read-and-Interpret-Tables


W/C 24/1/22

Home learning overview wb 24 Jan

Phonics – er words to read

Maths Day 1

Present perfect and past perfect tenses

School Accident explanation

Simplify fractions Maths Day 4

Styles of Art Stage 6 Comp

t2-e-3949-year-6-different-tenses-warmup-powerpoint_ver_4 (2)

Being Late explanation


Finding the Whole Maths Day 3

Fraction of an amount Maths Day 2

Fractions on a number line Day 5

Marilyn Monroe and Chairman Mao Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe to use







W/C 17.01.22

Here is some work for this week to keep you busy whilst you are working from home if you are able to do so!
Guided Reading – No homework sheet.
Maths – Follow the sheets depending on which year you are in. Year 5 on Friday will be required to log on to Education City or TTRS.
Literacy – We are looking at a persuasive letter to Father Jonathan. Identify features of the text. Answer the subjunctive worksheet. Then write your letter to Father Jonathan persuading him to allow us to visit the Church.
Science: How is light reflected? Draw a diagram to show how a periscope works. Make one if possible!
RE – Create a job advertisement for God.
Art – Compare Andy Warhol with different styles.
PE – perfect your forward roll and backward roll in a safe spot.
Computing – Hour of code
It is also bird watching week this week. What birds can you find in your garden?
Please send any work to your teachers
Year 5:

Y5 DAY 1

Y5 Day 2:




Y5 Day3:

Sheet 1 (4×1)

Sheet 2 (3×2)

#Sheet 3 (4×2)

sheet 4 word prob

Y5 Day4:

Sheet 1

sheet 2

division word problems3


Year 6:

Y6 DAY 1

Y6 DAY 2

Y6 DAY 3

Y6 DAY 4

Y6 DAY 5


No Homework Stage 5 comp – Comprehension Pack (1)




W/C 10.01.22

Hello All

We hope you are feeling okay despite having ‘it’!
Please find attached your home learning for this week (please only complete when/if you feel up to it)
There is a week plan attached which explains what you should be doing on it each day along with activities.
If you need assistance with any of the work (or extension tasks if you complete it all) please contact your class teacher.
Kind regards

Mrs Harper/Mr Lai/ Mr Morrell

Home learning week 2


Y5 Day 1 Mental add and subtract

Y5 Day 2 Negative Numbers

Y5 Day 3 Roman Numerals

Y5 Day 4 Rounding

Y5 Day 5 Rounding to check



Y6 Day 3 Common Factors

Y6 Day 4 Long multiplication

Y6 Day 5 Long Multiplication worded problems


Light Build-A-Book Home Learning Task


Lit Mon

Lit Tues

t2-e-3814-y6-active-and-passive-voice-warmup-powerpoint-_ver_6 (1)


Worst Jobs for kids Stage 6 comp – Comprehension Powerpoint

Worst kids jobs comp


W/C 1/11/21

Mon multiple

Mon Multiples 2

Tues factors

Tuesday factors 2

Weds prime numb starter 2

Weds prime numb starter

Weds prime numb

Thurs square numb 2

Thurs square nums

Friday challenges 1

Friday challenges 2

Friday challenges 3


spelling rules display sheet

Thurs cubed numb


Where Am I cards


Counting Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack

Home learning Monday 1 Nov

mountain ranges







Home learning Tuesday 14th Sept
Progressive tenses MA
Times Tables Race 6 times
WW2 evacuation research sheet
Evacuee letter
World Book Day – Thursday 4th March – Information

Hello All,

Unfortunately, due to the new government lockdown, we now have to go back to home learning. However, this time you may contact your class teacher for support if required – whenever you need it to continue your learning, ready for returning to school – hopefully soon!

You will be sent home learning to your school email each day (which will also be on the class web pages) by Mrs Dove or Mrs Harper. We would like you to complete this and send it back to YOUR class teacher for feedback.

We will be contacting your parents if we do not receive any home learning from you for several days in a row. Teachers will be available to contact for support from 8.30am until 3.30pm daily.

Please send home learning to:

Sats Revision Answer Sheets

Mrs Dale Reads Northern Lights (Y3 – Y6)

Year 6 body percussion week 2


Home learning Friday 5 March

5 March The Lion and Albert – Poem and questions

Statistics SATs questions (rtf format)

Statistics SATs questions (pdf format)



conversion graphs Section A

4 Mar Word Search

Home learning Thursday 4 March

conversion graphs Section B


Home learning Wednesday 3rd March

interpreting_pie_charts 1

3 Mar Happy Land (1)


Home learning Tuesday 2nd March A

2 Mar The Volcano (1)

2 March Gravity


Line graphs 1

Line graphs 2

2 Mar Colon


Home learning Monday 1st March



1 MarchThe Dodo (1)

1 Mar Boat Race evaluation


Home learning Friday 26th February

SATs questions Shape and Angles FRI


Y6 home learning Thursday 25 February

25 Feb checklist biography short

Use Brackets Dashes and Commas to Show Parenthesis Activity Sheet


TYM p115

TYM p 114


Y6 home learning Wednesday 24 February (1)



Y6 home learning 23 February (1)

23 Feb Famous Scientist Research (1)

Angles in triangles sheet 1

T-HE-372-Paper-Helicopter-Basic-Template (1)

Angles in triangles Extension Sheet


Y6 home learning Monday 22nd February

22 Feb TYM6 pages 122 and 123

22 Feb Alan Turing Stage 6

22 Feb Year-6-Biography-Example-Text



Y6 home learning Friday 12th February (1)

Area-of-a-triangle-2-worksheet THURS

Area-of-a-triangle ppt THURS

12 Feb Michael Faraday Stage 6 Comp

12 Feb zodiac wheel blank

Testbase Area and Perimeter problems

Testbase-Area-and-Perimeter-problems-1 (pdf version for Apple devices)


Area-of-a-triangle ppt THURS

Y6 home learning Thursday 11th February

Y6 home learning Thursday 11th February (1)


Y6 home learning Wednesday 10th February (1)

Food tech evaluation sheet

Area-of-a-triangle-1 Worksheet WED

Area-of-a-triangle WED


Y6 home learning Tuesday 9th February

Area-and-perimeter-worksheet TUES

Area and perimeter ppt TUES


Y6 home learning Monday 8th February

8 Feb Lady Mary Montagu Stage 6 Comp

8 Feb Disadvantages of class pets

8 Feb Benefits of having a class pet

Shapes-same-area MON

Shapes-same-area worksheet MON


Y6 home learning Friday 5th February

Converting measures SATs questions


Music – Theory – Naming the notes

4 Feb Balanced-Argument

4 Feb A Delightful Step Sister Stage 6 Comp

Y6 home learning Thursday 4th February (1)


Miles to Km THURS


Y6 home learning Wednesday 3rd February up

Calculate-with-metric-measures WED

Calculating -with-metric-measures-WED


Y6 home learning Tuesday 2nd February


Metric Units extra practise worksheet

Convert-metric-measures activity – TUES

WR Convert-metric-measures TUES


Metric-measures worksheet MON

Metric-measures worksheet MON[1]

1 Feb Disgruntled Police Officer

Y6 home learning Monday 1st February

Metric measures MON


Y6 home learning Friday 29th January (4)

29 Jan BigSchoolsWinterwatch-ActivitySheet 1

29 Jan Michael Faraday Stage 6 Comp

29 Jan BBC_Live_Lessons_KS2_Big_Schools_Winterwatch_Identifying_Describing_Classifying_Living_Things_2

Translations FRIDAY

WR Translations Friday

29 Jan BBC_Live_Lesson_KS2_Big_Schools_Winterwatch_Animal_Classification_Key


Year 6 Music Home Learning Week 3-6

Y6 home learning Thursday 28th January (1)

WR MATHS Four-quadrants Thurs



Y6 home learning Wednesday 27th January

27 Jan Salah information sheet

27 Jan Salah research sheet

27 Jan Light Facts Stage 6 Comp

The Mosque

27 Jan Testbase problems


Y6 home learning Tuesday 26th January

percentage of amount worksheet Task A

Percentage word problems Task B

Mosque Diagram Task Activity Sheet


Y6 home learning Monday 25th January

25 Jan percentage of amount worksheet MON

25 Jan Spr6.4.2-Percentage-of-an-amount-1

wb 25 Jan Dual Narrative

25 Jan Extra problems

25 Jan checklist instructions



Y6 home learning Friday 22nd January (1)

Equivalent-FDP Friday


21 Jan Fractions-to-percentages

21 Jan Fractions to percentages

Y6 home learning Thursday 21st January


20 Jan Religious-Symbols-and-Beliefs-Design-a-Prayer-Mat-Activity

20 Jan Understanding percentages Wednesday

20 Jan RE prayer mat

Year 6 distance learning Wed 20 January 2021

20 Jan RE prayer mat template


Finding the whole number Tuesday

wb 18 Jan Boy Hunted (1)

19 Jan checklist narrative

Year 6 distance learning Tuesday 19 January 2021

Fraction-of-an-amount-find-the-whole Tuesday


wb 18 Jan Boy Hunted

18 Jan StoryEndings – extension

Year 6 distance learning 18 January 2021

18 Jan Fractions of amounts ppt

18 Jan Fractions-of-an-amount


Year 6 distance learning 15 January 2021


14 Jan Bidmas SATs questions day 2

14 Jan BIDMAS Challenge sheet

Year 6 distance learning 14 January 2021

Year 6 Music Home Learning Week 2


Year 6 distance learning 13 January 2021

13 January Story-Mountain


12 Jan islamic-geometric-repeating-pattern-template-activity-sheet


Red and Yellow Card 11 January

Year 6 distance learning 11 January 2021

Spelling Crossword 11 Jan

Parts-of-speech-sorting-game 11 January

Bilal the First Muezzin 11 January


Cup Rhythms Year 5 and 6


Electrical circuits and symbols 8 Jan

Year 6 distance learning 8 January 2021


Year 6 distance learning 7 January 2021

Five_Pillars_of_Islam 7 Jan

Multiplication questions 7 Jan


French home learning year 6 as PDF


Five PIllars information sheet

Droolz Delivers New Delight Stage 6 Comp – Comprehension Pack

Year 6 distance learning 6 January 2021

5 Pillars of Islam research sheet

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