Lower Key Stage 2 phase – Year 3 and Year 4

3/4M – Mrs McNally’s Class

In Mrs McNally’s class there are fifteen year 3 and fifteen year 4 children.

Miss Jones is our teaching assistant in the mornings and on Tuesday afternoons Mrs Wilcox teaches us for music, Mrs Stead for P.E. and Miss Smith for P.S.H.C.E.

Our aim at school is to be safe, happy, friendly and hard-working.  We strive hard to achieve our very best by listening carefully, asking and answering questions and concentrating on our learning.  We understand that making mistakes is part of learning and we support each other respectfully.

Mrs McNally will aim to provide active, exciting and purposeful lessons.  Throughout the year, we will undertake many interesting topics including, “Anglo-Saxon and Vikings”, “Ancient Egypt”, “Oceans”, “Volcanoes and Earthquakes” and, “What does it mean to be a Christian today?”



In 3 / 4 D there are 30 children – 15 year 4s and 15 year 3s. Mrs Dove is our teacher and Miss Mallinder also works with us in the morning sessions. We are also taught by Mrs Wilcox, Mrs Stead and Mrs Smith on Tuesday afternoons. We aim to work hard and do our very best in every single lesson and hope to be resilient learners by the end of the year. It doesn’t matter if we get things wrong. As long as we don’t give up and keep trying, we will achieve. We also try to be polite and pleasant to each other in our class and the adults who help us around school. If we can be anything, we want to be KIND.


Supporting your child at home

Reading is fundamental to your child’s attainment and progress in many areas and even ten minutes of home reading every day will have a huge impact!

Please ensure that your child brings their reading book to school each day along with their reading record. When your child reads at home, please date and sign it, recording the pages read and any comments. This helps school to check daily home reading which is carefully monitored and rewarded each week.

When your child has completed their book, they must complete an Accelerated Read Quiz as soon as possible. If they can, please encourage them to complete the quiz at home as this will facilitate the tight timetable at school.

Each week we listen to your child read. They take part in daily whole class reading sessions where texts are explored and discussed before the completion of specific reading skills work.

We strongly encourage that you continue to share, discuss and question your child about the book they are reading as this is key to their understanding, enjoyment and development.

Many thanks for your support!

Autumn 2 Flyer – Y3 Y4

spelling summer1 (1)



Home Learning

W/C 18/1/22

TUES Make-equal-groups-sharing

TUES Make-equal-groups-sharing

Story-Mountain-Template 2

The story of Rama and Sita


Day 1 reading tasks

DAy 2 reading tasks Iron Man text

WED Make-equal-groups-grouping

WED Make-equal-groups-grouping

#Lesson Presentation Everyday Electrical Appliances

Appliances Cards – 8 per Page



Y4 VF-Multiply-3-Numbers

Word problems


THURS Divide-by-2

THURS Divide-by-2-2019


FRI Divide-by-5-2019

FRI Divide-by-10-2019

FRI Divide by 10


diwali text y3

diwali text y4

diwali y3

diwali y4

Improve these sentences

The story of Rama and Sita 2



W/C 10/1/22


The butler bot

Week 2 spellings


DAY 1 Add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100

DAY 2 Subtract-a-3-digit-number-from-a-3-digit-number-no-exchange

DAY 3 Subtract-a-3-digit-number-from-a-3-digit-number-exchange

DAY 4 Estimate-answers-to-calculations



Some poetry reading from Mr Milfull’s class

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