Newsletter 09/09/2022

RNA Newsletter 09/09/2022

Monday 12th Sept
Tuesday 13th Sept Y4 trip to Danelaw

EYFS Forest school pm

Wednesday 14th Sept Y5 trip to Thackray Medical Museum
Thursday 15th Sept Y6 trip to Thackray Medical Museum

Y3 trip to Danelaw

PE intervention group (identified children)

Friday 16th Sept KS2 Celebration assembly 2.10pm (invited parents)


After school clubs

After School Clubs
Mon Y5/6 Football (places already allocated – starts 12/9/22)

Y3/4 duathlon (places already allocated – starts 12/9/22)

Wed Y3/4 Dance ((places already allocated – starts 14/9/22)

Y5/6 Hockey (letters will go out next week to start 21/9/22)

Thur Y5/6 Tag Rugby (letters going out today to start 15/9/22 – parents will be informed if their child has a place)

EYFS and KS1 clubs will start Autumn 2 2022.

  • Communication

Every Friday, where possible, there will be a “Ms Dawson Friday Message”. This will be accessible through a link on the website, a paper copy will be available in the office and an electronic copy place on the school’s webpage. This should provide an ample variety of different media platforms allow you to be informed about school issues. We would like to encourage parents to follow us on Twitter (a link can be found on the website).We also have a texting service but this has limited character allocation and therefore messages may seem to the point (they are not intended to be curt). We are also only able to allocate one mobile number per child for this function. We have staff in the office at all times of the day except Friday mornings, 8am till 8.30am, when staff are in a briefing meeting. There is also an answering machine which is regularly checked. Should you wish to speak to anyone at the academy you can call, come up to the main reception, email or try to speak to the member of staff when it is appropriate. It is not an appropriate time when children are being released at the end of the day, please wait until all children have been collected, or on the school gates, as this impedes children from getting into school. Teachers are not allowed to come out of classrooms to speak to parents when lessons are in session.


  • Gate etiquette

We know this week has been a little difficult for new parents dropping children off. We can assure you that the system does, and will work, please be patient and remember gate etiquette. Please encourage all children, except for Reception children, to use the main gate where I stand. The footpath there is wider and children are already familiar with the morning system. If the middle gate is the first one you come to you may use it but please do not block the path, have hugs and kisses before the gate so children can go straight up and foot traffic is not affected. Alternatively, if there is already a crowd please wait across the other side of the road until it has cleared. Gates are open from 8.30 – 8.45 and the bell is not rung before 8.45, please consider staggering your times. Be considerate of residents when parking your cars and do not impact on our children’s safety by parking where you should not or by leaving engines idling. Not all children, or adults, like dogs so if the footpath is crowded, please consider walking your dogs at the opposite side from school. Finally, I appreciate that I have no control over the public highways but when bringing children to school, or waiting for them to come onto the grounds, can parents please refrain from smoking or vaping in their presence. I know we all want to be proactive about our children’s health.

  • Paperwork

We have sent home lots of paper work for Flyers parents and new to school parents. Please can these things be completed and returned to the Academy as quickly as possible. If your child is new to RNA, in Preschool or Nursery, we will need to see your child’s original Birth Certificate.


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