Newsletter 14/10/2022


Harvest reminders

18th October 9.30 KS1 (Y1 parents invited)

19th October 2.30 KS1 (Y2 parents invited)

20th October 9.15 EYFS

20th October 9.45 KS2 at Church (parents invited to walk up with children leaving the Academy at 9.30)


Reports and parent evenings.

Next week we will be sending reports out for children in KS1 and KS2. These will show your child’s attitude to learning in their first ½ term and their on-track position to attain their own individual target. We will be holding face to face meetings in November where we will inform parents about their child’s targets. The area for action is where we would like parents to support us with their child’s developments at home.

EYFS have requested face to face meetings with their parents at the start of next week (Monday and Tuesday). Please speak to your child’s teacher for any availability if you have not already secured your place.


If you are available any afternoon to come into the Academy to listen to readers, we would love to hear from you.


Some parents are querying the invoices for November. Please be advised that prices have not gone up, yet, the increase is that the October bill was only for 3 weeks whereas there are 5 weeks to calculate for November. A reminder that session prices for Flyers etc is as follows

Before school £4.50

After school until 4.30 £4.50

After school until 6pm £8.00

Lunch £2.20

Extra lunch care and costs for 3 to 4 year olds £6.70

Extra lunch care and costs for 2-year-olds £7.40

Snacks in the Academy

We do not allow for nuts and only fruit or veg (fresh or dried) should be sent for snack.


Harvest collections

If you would like to send non-perishables into the Academy next week, they can be distributed to food banks.


Forest School in the holidays

If you want your child to attend this week will be your last chance. Please collect a flyer from reception or see the website for information.


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