Newsletter 9/12/2022


Christmas Party Week

Monday Years 5 & 6
Tuesday Years 1 & 2
Wednesday Christmas Dinner Day
Thursday Years 3 & 4
Friday Early Years (Reception/Nursery & Preschool)

Christmas Jumper Day


If your child is in Reception – Y6, on the day of their party, your child can order party food from the Academy. This will be charged at £2.20 and replace the meal set on the menu for that day. Your child’s teacher should be informed on the day.

All children, with the exception of children in Early years, whose party is on Friday, should come to the Academy in their normal uniform and bring party clothes to change into. Early years children can come dressed up for their party when they attend.

Any children, Y1 – Y6, who would like to wear a Christmas jumper should do so on the last day, Friday 16th December.


Returning after Christmas

The Monday is a Bank Holiday and therefore children will return to the Academy on Tuesday 3rd January.


Changes to charging policy

We are needing to make some price changes in the new year, but these will not begin until February 2023. School meals will be increased to £2.50 per day, hourly rate charges for 3+ year old children (term after 3rd birthday) £4.50, hourly rate charges for 2-3 year old children £5.50 and after school sessions until 6pm will be £10. A copy of the new policy will be on the website.

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