Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #10 5th June 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter

Issue 10 – June 2020




Dear Parents

First of all, I would like to thank those parents who have taken the time to email and phone the academy with messages of encouragement and thanks during the first week of our wider opening of the school – it has been a real boost to our staff. Our Foundation stage children, Year one and Year 6 children have been welcomed into the school and it has been a joy once again to have our classrooms buzzing with excited children.  

As you will understand, it has been a herculean task for our staff and governing body to ensure that the academy meets the strict hygiene and social distancing recommendations laid down by the DFE, preparing Local Education department risk assessments and ensuring staff are protected according to their union guidelines.

Although our school day is very different to how it was pre-lockdown, our pupils have quickly settled in to our ‘new normal’. Lessons, breaks and lunchtimes are punctuated by hygiene controls where the children have shown themselves to be very responsible and vigilant. The children are keen to work and have shared their experiences of home learning over the lockdown. As well as birdwatching, carpentry and willow weaving, we have had knitted swimming suits and the history of Sindy dolls!

As of yet, there is no additional information from the government as to further year groups returning to school and it would prove extremely difficult under current social distancing guidelines. The reduced number of children allowed per class has meant that all classrooms are being utilised. This has meant that the majority of the teaching staff are working in these classes or with our Key worker Group. We will continue to provide distance-learning material for those children who remain at home. We have received positive feedback from our home schooling timetable, but after requests from children and parents, we have added some more practical ‘do and make’ activities so watch the website for details of those.

It has not been possible to contact each family on a weekly basis over lockdown and we hope that you and your children do not feel too isolated from us. If you are struggling with homework or need some advice, we are happy for you to contact the academy and we can arrange for a member of staff to get in touch.

As this unusual situation we find ourselves in is continually changing, we will adjust, adapt and alter in order to meet with new demands. We endeavour to keep parents informed through our website and text message service as soon as we are able. As always, your patience and support is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards

Mr Milfull


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