Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #11 12th June 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter

Issue 10 – June 2020



Dear all

Another week of increased opening and home schooling has passed us by and what a different week it has been. The farmers and gardeners may have enjoyed this wet weather spell but staff and pupils have certainly not. However the rain has not stopped play (or work).

This term would normally be filled with music concerts, performances and sports days. Mr Morell is desperately missing doing his sporting activities with you. He is planning to arrange a lockdown sports day with those children attending the academy and all still at home taking part in sporting activities. Which colour team will win those valuable points? 

We understand for the children remaining at home, online learning and homework is all well and good but it is the social aspect of school that children really miss. We would like to remind you that although it is not possible to contact all children individually we are still here to help and support. If you feel your child would benefit from speaking to a member of staff please contact the academy and we will arrange a call-back or e-mail contact.

Why not try some mindfulness activities:

Go on a belly hike relax (Adults and children alike can do this. No age restriction!)                      Often we only look for the bigger things in life and miss the small and just as wonderful creatures that are there all the time. So why not take a Belly Hike when you go to the park or are playing in the garden.

Lie on your belly…and look through the grass at the wonders that can lie within the blades:. ants, dew drops, seeds, spiders and beetles….

When you feel you have looked at everything within your reach, gently turn yourself around and do the same exercise again…did you find more there than the first time, what was different? Or maybe just the same?

By taking time to focus on a smaller patch of life and give it our full attention we are being mindful and respectful. This will help calm our nervous system, and our brains, and can improve our mood.

There a more mindfulness activities and wildlife adventures from activites from The Wilderness Foundation UK

Stay Safe and watch out for Sports Day.

Mr Milfull     


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