Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #17 11th September 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter


Issue 17 – 11th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,


We have managed to get through our first week. I hope you are happy that some of the initial teething problems have been resolved. There are just a few things I would like to highlight to help next week go even better.

  • Children should not be bringing large bags into school. They are not necessary and we do not have the space to accommodate them on the children’s pegs. PE kits should only come in the day of your child’s PE session and the only other items a child will need is their water bottle, book, coat and lunchbox if required. We have ordered water bottles but they have not yet arrived. Children may bring their own until they arrive.
  • We have plenty of hand gel in school and therefore it is not necessary for children to bring in their own. There could be an issue with children digesting sanitiser if it is not being supervised.
  • Reading is a vital primary skill that we focus on heavily in the Academy. We need parents to continue listening to children and supporting this learning, even if the child is a fluent reader. We will be starting to send books home next week, but due to the need to quarantine books after they have been taken home, we have had to make a few changes. Younger children, and those needing some extra support, are used to having 1-to-1 reading books sent home on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, these will now only be sent home on a Thursday and must be sent back on a Monday. 

Children who access Accelerated Reader, will be able to take their book backwards and forwards from the Academy but will not be able to take the quiz as regularly. We recommend that, if possible, children take their accelerated reader quizzes at home.  This can be done on any internet enabled device.  Rook’s Nest Accelerated Reader Link

We have weighed the value of reading records against the risk of cross-contamination and at this point in time, we have decided to use these books only in school and not to send them home. We will assess if a child is reading at home through questions about the text rather than through a written record.

At Rook’s Nest Academy we endeavour to promote a love of reading in all our children.  There is a wide body of research which shows the strong correlation between reading and academic and personal development.  Just fifteen minutes or more of daily reading is proven to accelerate children’s reading achievement as well as attainment in other curriculum areas.  We strongly encourage parents to read to, and listen to, their children read, as much as possible throughout all primary school years.  This is not just something that supports children in the early years but that will continue to have a positive impact in Key stages 1 and 2.  Discuss texts, meanings of words and check your child’s understanding of text by asking questions.  To aid with this, each child will soon receive a bookmark with a range of question stem ideas that can help to support you when reading with your child. Enjoy your time reading together!

A message from Mrs McNally (RNA Reading Leader)


  • Swimming is not able to go ahead at this point due to risk assessments carried out by the provider. As soon as we are able to access this facility again, we will send out information.
  • Children are able to bring in snacks for morning break but this should only be fruit. Remember that we are a nut-free Academy due to the high number of children with severe nut allergies.
  • The gate system seems to be getting smoother. We have begun to let groups in a little earlier if all children from a previous group are already in. We hope this is helping to relieve pressure on waiting outside the Academy. As always, can we remind parents about road safety and consideration if dropping off/picking up with a car.

Wednesday After School catch up support.

As we mentioned before the summer, we are looking to catch up your child’s missed learning through extended sessions. These will begin on Wednesday 16th September and run until the end of this ½ term for all children currently in Y1 to Y6. Initially we had said this would be until 4.30 but based on the fact that children have staggered start and finish times, this seemed unfair to certain children. We will therefore be adding an extra hour onto the school day from the time your child is due to finish. Therefore, starting next week, and only on Wednesdays, children will finish as stated.

Class Time Collection point
Y6D & Y6H 4.00 Field
Y2Mc 4.00 Grass outside office
Miss Fletcher’s Y1s 4.15 Playground
Y2/3R 4.15 Grass outside office
All Y4/5 4.15 Field
Y1S 4.30 Playground
Y3M 4.30 Grass outside office


As staff at the Academy are offering to carry out these sessions in their own time, we are hoping for your full support with these measures. If your child is unable to attend, it is parents’ responsibility to inform the Academy, otherwise children will not be released until these times.

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in positive messages about our return to full education this week. It has been appreciated, as we are working hard to ensure the running of the Academy goes as smoothly as possible.


Ms Dawson

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