Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #18 25th September 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter


Issue 18 – 25th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,


We have reached the 4th week of the half term. A huge thank you to all our families. We know that now is the time where we see an increase in seasonal illnesses and know that everyone is concerned about this. I am attaching a link to a letter from the NHS

23rd September – PHE letter to parents and guardians

Parents have been adjusting well to the new methods of staggered start and finish times. I know the situation is not ideal but it is something we have to comply with for the time being. I would request that consideration is given to residents and other road users. We still have issues with people parking on the zig-zag lines which are no-parking areas – please do not use these as drop off places. Also, please ensure your child exits your car onto a footpath and not into the road. We have agreed that parents and children who are awaiting their allotted time should try to wait across the road away from the school gates, allowing others to walk past safely. However, it has come to my attention that children are being allowed to walk on walls and pull up flowers etc from people’s gardens. This will not help maintain positive relationships with our residents or set good examples for our children. Can parents please remind children about appropriate behaviour and showing respect for property.


We have successfully rearranged all the school trips, including the very important residential for Y6 pupils. The only visit we have not rebooked is the one that current Y6 should have made to Abbey House Museum because this no longer fits with the curriculum. We do have a suggestion which we hope year 6 parents will agree with. Every year we ask parents to purchase SATs materials to help their child with revision so I would like to suggest that the money we have already collected go towards this rather than reimbursing and then sending out another bill. Parents who I have spoken to already are in agreement with this and consider it a sensible approach. We will apply this plan as long as the majority of parents are happy with it. Therefore, if you do not agree with this plan of action, and require a refund, please contact the Academy.

Reports will be going out next week for children from Y1 to Y6. The majority of the report has been put together by your child’s previous teacher to reflect the work carried out before lock-down. The targets however, have been set by your child’s current teacher to reflect the results of baseline testing carried out since the September return. You will notice that some sections have been removed and this is due to their lack of relevance because of the Covid situation.


We NEED You!!

As with many other sectors, the academy has been financially affected by the pandemic. We had hoped this year to secure government funding to renovate the existing toilet facilities unfortunately, this has been refused. Alongside this, and the fact that we have had to cancel so many of our usual fund-raising activities (summer fayre, Nest Fest etc) without some ingenious plan our desire to improve these much-needed areas will not be possible. Therefore, I would like to launch, before the start of next term, a fund-raising idea I hope friends and families will support us with.



If, when any of the RNA community go to the toilet, we each put a penny in a jar, 5 trips a day would be the same as 35p a week equalling £1.40 a month. If each of our 379 families joined in, with on average 4 people in a family, that would be £2122.40 a month. Without too much impact on anyone’s pocket we would be able to raise the funds needed to complete the work. The more people we can get doing this the easier it will be to reach the target. I hope we can all get involved in what could be a little bit of fun but for a very serious purpose.

This was on the last newsletter before the Summer holidays and next week we are going to hold our first collection day. Next Friday, 2nd October, I will bring a “toilet” into each classroom so children can put in any money their families have collected. We will hope to “fill the bowl” and report the amount raised in the next newsletter. We will have this collection once a month and hopefully generate enough funds to start work on the toilets.


Thank you in advance of your support for any donations we receive.


Exciting News

Shelby Hope in 6H appeared on Vanessa Feltz’s Radio 2 programme this morning – taking part in the  philological challenge.  You can listen here (46 minutes in)


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