Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #6 April 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter

Issue 6 – April 2020




I hope you are all doing well. The sunshine is certainly helping the situation in which we find ourselves. Tonight, is the “Big night in” and to help you with that the staff have put together their own “stay in, stay safe” messages for you. See which staff you can spot!

I hope you will be joining all the staff in clapping at 8pm to support all the Key workers and all those who are following the guidance.

It is never going to be possible to replicate school at home, but the staff have tried to ensure that work has been set weekly, websites have been suggested (see website for children: student computer start page) and we are still expecting certain things as a minimum (daily reading/Accelerated reader, TT Rockstars and Education City). From next week we will try to give parents more direction around weekly coverage however, if we are being perfectly honest our greatest concern is that the children are happy and safe. Many parents are still trying to work either out in the community or remotely from home and the last thing we want to do is add even more pressure onto what is a difficult situation.

Enjoy your children, play with them, spend quality time with them and let us worry about filling the gaps when we get back to normality. Parents are doing fantastic jobs already so please don’t be harsh on yourselves.


Accelerated Reader Leaders in each class from work during the last month

12F Ellie 18 quizzes

2M Luka 10 quizzes

34R Grace 9 quizzes

3M Oliver H 6 quizzes

4L Neil 7 quizzes

5M Sammy 15 quizzes

5Mi Thomas Y 4 quizzes

6D Hiya and Alfie both on 3 quizzes

6H Tara 13 Quizzes


Prodigy Maths Leaders this week

2F – Sameed M

2M – Jake R

3M – Aleesa W

34R – Grace I

4L – Amy H

5M – Summer S

5Mi – Charlie M

6H – Alice W

6D – Evie J


Education City Most Activities completed this month

0am – Evie L (88 Activities)

0pm – Ibrahim N (20 Activities)

FLC – Logan T (152 Activities)

FRC – Eleanor C (99 Activities)

12F – Esme A (124 Activities)

1S – Lonnie J (86 Activities)

2M – Anastasia S (133 Activities)

34R – Libby W (65 Activities)

3M – Mohammed Y (113 Activities)

4L – Neil S (100 Activities)

5M – Lily H (70 Activities)

5Mi – Victoria B (35 Activities)

6D – Lydia H (35 Activities)

6H – Tara S (100 Activities)


We are desperately trying to keep up safe and appropriate lines of communication. We know the children are finding it difficult to not speak to the adults they see daily but I need you to understand that the no emailing individual staff policy is to keep our staff and children safe.

So, what can you do instead?

Please Twitter what you have been up to and show us what you have done. Staff can then Twitter back.  @rooksnestacadem

Call the Academy to talk. Someone is always in the office.

Message the Academy through the Headteachers email and we will try to get messages back to you.

Stay Safe. Speak to you again next week.

Ms Dawson

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