Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter – #7 1st May 2020

Rook’s Nest Academy Mini Newsletter

Issue 7 – May 2020



Well another week has gone by. I have enjoyed watching your videos of science projects, reading your stories and looking at the pictures of the work you have been doing. Keep it up, they are all fantastic. Thank you to those children who have called the Academy it has been nice being able to speak to you and your families.

A big thank you to those children who are continuing to work through Lexia. Mrs Corscadden and I are very pleased with your results and you will be able to print out certificates when you get back into the Academy.

Riona Morris

Rhys Watson (2 levels)

Oliver Moskal

Charlie Wakefield

Charlie Leech

Freya Beck

Phoebe Bateman

Harry John Wainwright

Imogen Mobley

Harvey Bush


Every family is coping with the lockdown in different ways and by just being at home, you are helping so much. It is important however to think of this time as “quality time” with our children, that we so often complain we do not get enough of. With that in mind, I would like to set each of our Rook’s Nest families a challenge for next week. I would like all of us to “create a memory” so that when we look back when all this is over we have something positive to remember rather than trying to fit in homework.

Here are some ideas I am going to try out with my boys,



  • Camping in the back garden
  • A carpet picnic in the bedroom
  • Hide and seek in the house
  • Paper cup telephones


I would love to hear what memory you and your family create. Why not Tweet it into the Academy.



Stay Safe. Speak to you again next week.

Ms Dawson

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