Rook’s Nest Academy virtual sports day 2020

(Monday 29th June – Sunday

12th July)

We would like to invite you to take part in our virtual sports day running over 2 weeks from Monday 24th June to Sunday 12th July. The competition is to take place at home rather than in school. You will be competing against children within your year group as well as representing your house colour (blue/yellow/red/green). There are 10 activities, each with points to gain, which will contribute to your house colours overall team total. Details are provided about how to complete each activity and how to score. Please download the list of activities and score the events as you go along. Once you have completed the sheet, please send your scores and any photos, along with your name, year group and house colour via email to the following address:

If you/your parents do not have access to a scanner to scan your result sheet and email back to school, you can just type out the results and send them to the above address.

For example:

Child name                    house                     year

Throw and catch = ____ points

The plank = ____ points

Egg and spoon = ____ points


Results must to be submitted no later than Sunday 12th July, no results submitted after this date will be accepted towards the overall house point scores. The winning house will be announced the following week after our socially distanced sports day takes place at school (held week beginning Monday 12th July, for the children currently attending in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6) and results are tallied and totalled between both the virtual and socially distanced sports days. Children currently attending school can still do both the virtual sports day at home and the socially distanced sports day at school, with both of their scores counting to their overall team totals. We would also like to see photos of you in action, which can be included on the Rook’s Nest Academy twitter and website pages by either tweeting us or sending them to the above email address along with event scores.

Please visit the schools website to watch a video of Mr Morrell explaining our virtual sports day and modelling the activities, as well as some inspiring messages of encouragement from our year 6 house captains (some of the messages are a bit quiet due to the wind and rain when filming safely outdoors but can be heard at full volume) – they all want to win their final Rook’s Nest sports day and need your help!

Yours sincerely


Mr Morrell


Virtual Sports Day scoresheet 2020


Here’s a video to explain how the events work:

Here are some words of encouragement from our house captains:

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