Update to procedures due to coronavirus

In line with the current advice we are trying to minimise the amount of non-essential contact between our staff, children and the community. To this end, we intend to bring in the following steps immediately.
• All enrichments, parent reading sessions and assemblies will cease.
• SEN meetings, that can, will continue to go ahead but without parents attending; information will be shared with them afterwards.
• Parents are requested to avoid unnecessary trips to the school office; please contact us via telephone or email. We will be restricting as much movement into the Academy as possible.
• We would like to encourage parents to drop children off at the school gate in the morning rather than congregating on the playground. Staff will be on the gate from 8.30am and parents should leave immediately once the children are on school grounds with staff.
• Parents of morning nursery children should continue with the procedure set up earlier this week (to drop children off at the nursery gate and then leave).
• No alternative solution to pick up times can be facilitated at this point, however, please avoid unnecessary social contact.
• Spring ball will be postponed
• Booster groups for Y6 will continue but will include only children from our school.

We appreciate your concerns and understanding at this difficult time.

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